I stand with Israel

September 1, 2014

I’m not Jewish, nor am I an Israeli. I am a Christian Afrikaner and a friend of Israel.

I declare today that I stand with Israel. I mourn those whose lives have been lost in this conflict, Israelis and Palestinians−I grieve and I am saddened, but also indignant.

So many of my fellow South Africans have made hasty judgments in this conflict based on what the media have chosen to present. For any fair-minded, thinking person it should be blatantly obvious that we are not being presented with the full picture. As a simple example we know that news reports are biased and unbalanced when they begin: “Israeli bombardment of Gaza continues” but fail to mention that Israel is bombing in response to 20,000 rockets over the last 9 years that have been fired into Israel by Hamas who use civilians as human shields and that Hamas repeatedly violates ceasefire agreements.

As a Christian South African I stand with those who protect the rights of all ethnic groups. As a Christian I am grateful for the spiritual heritage that has formed my beliefs. I stand with a nation that allows freedom of religion and respects the holy sites of all religions. In particular I stand with a nation where women are treated with dignity, respect and enjoy opportunity and freedom.

As a South African who believes in Mandela’s legacy, I stand with a nation that is in the forefront of the fight for democracy, freedom, civilization and life. I stand with Israel.