The reality of Anti-Semitism

In the same week in which I wrote about the worldwide rise in anti-Semitism, four people were killed at the Jewish museum in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday 24 May 2014. It is even more tragic that it took place on the Jewish holy day of Shabbat.

Emanuel and Miriam Riva, a couple in their 50’s from Tel Aviv were among the victims who visited Belgium as tourists. A third fatality was a volunteer at the Jewish Museum of Belgium and the fourth victim was a 23 year old employee at the museum. Just hours after this deadly shooting two Jews were attacked outside a synagogue in France.

The fatal killings in Belgium remind us of the killing of a Rabbi and his family in France two years ago. These atrocities are undoubtedly the result of continual incitement against Jews, which is, unfortunately on the rise in Europe.  It became popular to blame Jews for everything under the sun.  The Turkish media even blamed Israel for the recent mine disaster in Turkey.

The shocking reality is it seems that the world and specifically Europe where the Holocaust took place learned nothing from history. It can be argued that Muslim fundamentalists are to be blamed in some European countries and certainly that were the case with the killings in France, but in other European countries it is home-grown hatred of Jews. The phenomenal growth of the far right wing political parties is therefore of great concern.

True Christians in Europe need to oppose the false narrative about Jews and propagate the truth about Israel. Thank God for those who stand up for the truth. But we need to become more vocal.

With growing anti-Semitism in the world and specifically in Europe, political leaders need to strongly condemn this phenomenon in the strongest terms possible.


One Response to The reality of Anti-Semitism

  1. Victor Gordon says:

    The one thing history clearly teaches, is that the lessons history offers are there to simply be ignored. I have reached the point where, on hearing the term, “Never again”, I experience a flush of anger as I am unable to cope any longer with the frustration of knowing that it is, in fact, totally meaningless. Murder, hatred and genocide are seeingly attributes inherent within the make-up of man. If some way of eradicating them has still not been discovered after so much horrific experience – if there are members of the human species who are still comfortable living with such gross immorality, we must accept that this is the way it was meant to be and somehow make some sense of it. Don’t expect too much from mankind – you are bound to be disappointed.


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