Silence again?

March 2, 2014

After the Cape Town Declaration was tabled by the Portfolio Committee of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, I wrote a letter to all the leaders of the member churches of the South African Council of Churches (SACC), informing them of this bias document (Read a discussion of the document in my previous post).

Needles to say, until today I only received silence. It reminds me of the era before the Holocaust, when the Church was also silent in the wake of a terrible disaster. Although many sincere Christians endeavor to rectify this mistake since that terrible era, many Christian leaders today endorse Anti-Semitism simply by allowing their churches to be members of the SACC.

Is it not too harsh or unfair criticism? Definitely not, because the SACC endorse the Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) and is silent on the above document which asks that Israel be branded as an Apartheid state. The IAW campaigners consist of  the South African Communist Party, COSATU, Muslim Judicial Council, Palestine Solidarity Alliance, ANC Youth League and many others. For a complete list go to the BDS SA website.

It is time for ordinary congregants to confront their church leaders about their position towards Israel and why their churches are members of the SACC. It is impossible to expect the blessings of God when aligned with forces seeking the destruction of Israel.  The Bible is very clear on this issue: If you bless the descendants of Abraham (Israel), you will be blessed, but if you curse them, you will be cursed.

If Church leaders do not believe in the above portion of scripture, they are clearly adherents of Replacement Theology which explains why they are silent on the above matters. It is no excuse to say they do not want to be involved in politics. By proxy, they are deeply involved in politics by way of their membership with the SACC.

Some leaders may not even know that their church is a member of the SACC. In that case, they need to be informed and most importantly, they need to know of the SACC’s involvement with radical and dark forces which campaign for divestment and sanctions against Israel.

The following churches are members of the SACC:

Anglican Church, Apostolic Faith Mission, Catholic Church, Coptic Orthodox Church, Dutch Reformed Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, International Federation of Christian Churches, Maranatha Reformed Church, Methodist Church, Moravian Church, Presbyterian Church, Salvation Army, Uniting Reformed Church.

We cannot be silent when evil forces infiltrate the Church. Light and darkness do not go together.